Oceans by Disney

© Disney

Throughout the Tara Pacific expedition (2016-2018), Oceans by Disney will be engaged alongside the Tara Expeditions Foundation in encouraging the discovery of marine and coral biodiversity and raising awareness among young people about the ecological challenges confronting the Ocean.

In 2016 and 2017, three films will take the audience to the heart of the sea: Finding Dory (Disney Pixar), Vaiana: Legend of the World’s End (Disney) and Blue (Disneynature). Already active in protecting the environment through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Disneynature, the Walt Disney Company France is investing in a new ecological challenge – the preservation of marine environments – by launching Oceans by Disney.

The group will raise awareness about the oceans on all media – TV, digital and press (Le Journal de Mickey). Entertaining educational experiences will be proposed, particularly on World Oceans Day (June 8, 2016) when children in recreational centers around the Mediterranean will be invited to participate in beach-cleaning operations. Also, young internet users will be invited to give names to whale sharks that will be tagged and then tracked by the Tara Pacific expedition