A few glimmers of light


28 December 2007

A few glimmers of light

In the past few days as the moon has declined loosing a good quarter, we can often notice toward the middle of the day some lights. Today it was day light as the movie directors call it. No more artificial light. As we descend toward the South, still going along the Greenland coast line, sunrays little by little are piercing our horizon.

I find myself thinking about the first wintering crew that had not seen these colours again, before the end of February. For us, already it is an eventful moment but for them it must have been magical and troubling at the same time. It was also necessary to readapt to a new life.
From the top of the world, I am happy to wish you a very happy new year and I raise my hat to everyone. This polar night will remain for me the great night. The night of the pioneers; I hope to see you soon on the quay at Lorient to be able to exchange all these memories that will remain forever in us.

It is surprising how one year apart, this adventure unites us all, all of us aboard Tara who have sampled the magic of the North Pole, of the ice. An ephemeral beauty with mystical powers: walking on the ocean! Images of the bible, religious metaphors come to our mind. Thanks to Tara, we have walked on the ocean, nobody will ever forget this. While gathering scientific data to try to understand for how much longer we can still do it or how to prolong this moment of pure happiness if we changed to preserve it.

I hope that our children will be able to sample tomorrow the magic of the earth whether on water, ice, basalt, sand or in the air.
Thank you to Tara, the great whale. Thank you my dear family for enabling me to experience this. Thank you to the Tara teams on land and on ice thanks to whom we are living this and happy New Year, dear friends, readers of these logs. The planet is beautiful. It is with us our most precious possession.

Polar hugs

Vincent Hilaire