A lull


3 November 2006

The sea ice has settled down since the last log. We think that we have found all the materials. However, Tara now rests traversing a pressure ridge with a 7 degree list (tilt) to port side. Although this is not extreme it does make life on board a little bit uncomfortable.

To give you and idea, 7 degrees is the limit at which a plate rests on the table without sliding off, but only just.

The exterior temperature has dropped in the last few days to between -20?C to -25?C. At these temperatures you can feel the inside of your nose freezing the moment you go outside. One also has to be very careful not to touch metal objects due to the risk of becoming stuck. Rule number one when going outside – don’t lick the boat! With even the slightest breeze the effects of wind chill become evident and extra care has to be taken due to the risk of frost bite. However, the temperature inside in the saloon is always around 18?C so the chance to warm up and have a hot cup of tea is never too far away.