A new boost of energy


22 February 2007

A new boost of energy

After almost three weeks of bad weather we awoke this morning to a crystal clear dawn and razor sharp horizon.

Around 9am the sky was illuminated with all the colours of the spectrum, a crescent moon hanging in the ink blue void overhead. The light and colour is a veritable pleasure for us to see and worthy compensation after these months of darkness. At its peak the glow intensified by reflection on the white ice, giving the impression of a normal cloudy day in lower latitudes. Like the waking of a hibernating plant or animal beneath the Siberian tundra, we have all been given a new boost of energy and life with these first rays. This is just as well given the work ahead of us in the coming weeks as we prepare for a crew rotation and an influx of scientists in April. But for now every morning promises to provide a spectacle making each minute outside all the more rewarding and pleasurable.