Adapt yourself – an example


10 July 2007

10 July 2007
Position: 88˚13’N, 057˚43’E
Course and Speed: North West, 0.2 knots
Wind: South East, 9 knots
Visibility: Moderate, overcast
Daylight hours: 24 hours / day
Sea Ice: Some movement in surrounding ice fractures
Air Temperature: 0˚C
Water Temperature: -1.7˚C

Tuesday’s EM31 scientific outdoor activity has been canceled due to the breakdown of the measurement instrument. Sam, who is in charge, and me, the official help, were a little bit put off in our weekly routine, but we quickly found something else to do. We therefore finished tidying the deck with Charles’ help. Today’s activity was to store the “Kapch”.

Kapch: type of Russian tent, which was used during the busy April camp, for sleeping, eating and storing equipment.

Therefore, I spent the afternoon sewing and repairing the kapch. Then somehow, some clothes appeared next to the sewing machine for me to fix… Should sewing not be a common activity on an agnès b. ship?