An onboard reunion


22 February 2008

An onboard reunion.

To join Tara on sea and the crew that participated in this incredible expedition is a special privilege.

It is rare for a company manager to offer to all the actors of such an adventure the opportunity to reunite and celebrate the full success of the mission. Etienne Bourgois orchestrated “Tara Arctic”, this insane bet of a great Arctic drift with an extraordinary humanity.

It is thanks to this ingredient that the expedition went so well. Off course it was not simple: many difficulties, moments of uncertainty, some hardships were encountered but always welcomed with the benevolent energy of Etienne and the Paris headquarters.

Tara enters history, not only for its polar adventure but especially for its humanity at the service of the planet. This great human chain that put itself at the service of the “Tara Arctic” project was perceived by the wintering crew during the crossing as an infallible support. The ice gave birth to a new Tara and each participant whether the crew or the logistics or scientific land teams feel today a deep emotion.

The reunion onboard is magical. The months of separation seem to disappear. Faces recognize each other, lighten up with a simple look all that was their life on the ice, a wink is enough to express or feel the complicity of this experience out of time in the immensity of the pack ice.
We are navigating along the coast of Britanny, the Tara sails are full of air, during the evening, and six eminent members of the expedition will join us: Jean-Claude Gascard, coordinator of the Damocles scientific programme, Christian de Marliave, Nicholas Quentin, Gamet Agamerzaiev, Victor Karasev and Alexander Petrov. The crew will nearly be complete as Guillaume Boehler, the chief mechanic who is navigating in the sea of China was unable to come back.

Bruno Vienne

( Bruno participated onboard Tara to the first winter from September 2006 to April 2007)