‘Art Deco’ students inspired by Tara

© M.Bardy/Tara Expéditions

11 May 2015

20  first-year students from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, also known as “Arts Déco”) sailed for a whole day aboard Tara.

This is the second consecutive year that Tara and the ENSAD have organized a colloboration.

Remi Hamoir, professor of drawing at “Art Deco,” initiated the project. He had the opportunity to sail  aboard Tara as an artist-in-residence during the Tara Oceans Expedition in 2010. When last year the school was seeking a strong theme for its workshops, Remi suggested the partnership with Tara. But this year the approach is new: the students leave Paris for Brittany in search of inspiration.

After 2 days of collecting materials, colors and ideas on the beaches of the Morbihan, the students come aboard the schooner full of enthusiasm. They realize how fortunate they are, and make the most of it! On deck and in the main cabin, students scribble in notebooks with India ink and charcoal. They take photos, record videos and sounds. Others are happy just observing, opening up all their senses. “We’re filling up on images and sensations. For example, the movement of the boat is very special, and there are so many smells, sounds,” says Anaïs with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes. The students really enjoy this approach. They realize the importance of immersing themselves in the subject to tap into emotions. Far from the usual basic training, the assignment here is “Don’t go to places you already know.”

Over the next 2 weeks, each student will create artwork on the theme “Water of the Sea” for an upcoming exhibition at the Tara Base in Paris. The inauguration will take place in the presence of agnès b. “The challenge of this exhibition is to do something simple and sensitive,” says Anaïs. Heloise and Anais conclude together: “The fact that this work deals with the sea, which is beautiful and touches us, is a way to raise awareness.” By focusing attention on the beauty of the oceans, hopefully the public will become aware of the need to protect them.