Tara is back in Lorient after 5 months in Paris

© Marin Le Roux / polaRYSE

2 September 2020

After 5 months moored on the Seine, Tara returned to her home port—Lorient—for renovation at the Keroman shipyard, before returning to the water and preparing for new adventures.

© Marin Le Roux / polaRYSE

On July 20 and 21, 2020, the crew, shore team and volunteers met early in the morning for a major operation: taking down the masts to be able to leave Paris. After 2 days navigating on the Seine with many passages under bridges and in locks, the schooner arrived in Le Havre, where the crew put the masts back into place. In the morning of August 3, they hoisted the new, stronger and more durable 3Di sails made by the North Sails company. Everyone was smiling as Tara set off for the English Channel and then for the Atlantic Ocean to reach Lorient. At sunset the day before arrival in Lorient, a group of dolphins accompanied the boat, along with the music of clarinet and guitar—an impromptu on board concert as Tara prepared to anchor for the night, not far from the island of Groix.

200805_MLR_polaRYSE_YNR02805_122649© Marin Le Roux / polaRYSE -  Tara Ocean Foundation – Lighthouse of La Vieille, between Pointe du Raz and Île-de-Sein.

On August 6, the schooner passed the Saint Louis Citadel and reached Lorient where she was immediately installed in dry dock at the Keroman shipyard area. Throughout August, captain Martin Hertau, assisted by chief engineer Loïc Caudan, did the necessary maintenance to prepare for the next scientific mission. In particular, the two ballasts were cleaned out, hull valves checked, mooring-line changed, and rigging adjusted. This annual check-up will also diagnose and correct any potential safety problems, before Tara sets sail for the South Atlantic Ocean and Patagonia.

TaraHorsdelEau3© Pauline Paramo / Tara Ocean Foundation – Tara lifted out of the water in the port of Lorient.

In early September 2020, Tara will go back into the water, and the crew will install the new technical equipment necessary for the upcoming scientific mission. If all goes as planned, one of the cabins will be transformed into a brand new dry laboratory. Tara’s 13th mission is scheduled to depart by the end of this year.

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