Bears are not so far


28 May 2007

Bears are not so far

As mentioned in a previous log, two birds decided to pay us a little visit: a snow bunting that we nicknamed Bruno as Audun, the Norwegian, cannot pronounce Bruant (the French for bunting) and a seagull. It was quite fun to see the snow bunting playing with Tiksi (the younger dog) who had never seen a bird. For two days, every time Tiksi wanted to sleep, the bird came closer to bug him.
On the other hand, the bird did not come too close of Zagrey who would have loved to dig his teeth in it…

It has been a lot less pleasant to learn that free water and birds meant that bears were not so far (the water for the bears to fish, the birds eating the leftovers of the bears).

These last days have been pretty interesting as we took the big wind generator back onto the ice. Though, we have had problems to put it up because of its weight (160kg just for the head). Now here is a good job for this week…