This week: Bizerte (Tunisia) / Naples

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20 October 2009

This week: Bizerte (Tunisia) / Naples

The scientific focus:

We leave Bizerte with one day delay in order to avoid to be at sea with a strong storm. We are, however, pressed for time: we must reach Naples on Wednesday to download 30 old batteries from Tara and load the new ones on it.

We can’t, therefore, realize a complete sampling station during this week. It’s planned to plunge the probe CTD (conductivity, temperature, pressure and salinity) only on Tuesday afternoon.

The scientific team on Tara is obviously disappointed because they can’t collect any other samples for now. On the other hand, these days at sea represent the occasion for working hard on the scientific protocols in order to simplify the following sessions.

13 people on board

- Marc Picheral. Scientific officer. Zooplankton filtration
- Sara Siarson (New Zealand). Oceanographer engineer
- Francisco Miguel Cornejo Castillo (Spain). Bacteria and virus filtration
- Floriane Desprez de Gesincourt. Bacteria and virus filtration + pigments
- Pascal Hingamp. Protists filtration and giant virus

Sailors :
- Hervé Bourmaud. Captain
- Samuel Audrain. Second captain
- Julien Daniel. Chief engineer
- Mike Lunn. (New Zealand). Deck officer
- Marion Lauters. Cook

- Anne Gouraud. Thalassa columnist
- Clément Gargoullaud. Cameraman
- Mathieu Bretaud. Editor
- Sacha Bollet. Log book