De-icing activities


2 October 2006

Position: Drifting, 81?04’N, 146?46’E
 Course and Speed: SW, 0.4 kts
 Wind: NE, 0 – 5 kts
 Sea Ice: Broken pack with frozen leads
 Visibility: Excellent
 Sunrise: 0500
 Sunset: 1600
 Cloud Cover: 4/8
 Air Temperature: -8°C
 Water Temperature: -1.2°C

We have had two days drifting slowly to the south with a gentle breeze and clear sky. The colder temperatures have lead to the growth of a thick layer of frost on the rigging, keeping us busy with de-icing activities on Sunday afternoon. Today we installed two ultrasonic anemometers on Tara which measure the direction and speed of the wind in three dimensions. These instruments allow us to observe the turbulence in the lower layers of the atmosphere. On
Saturday night and Sunday morning we had the pleasure of a visit by a female Polar Bear with two cubs. Once again it was Zargrey who gave us early warning of their approach. After passing an inquisitive eye they were quick to move on after realizing there was nothing to eat from us.