Ellie Ga on the Tara Expeditions artists’ gallery


12 February 2013

Ellie Ga on the Tara Expeditions artists’ gallery

This gallery exhibits online the work of artists who have embarked on the schooner Tara since 2004. For Tara Expeditions, the presence of artists creating their work on board is a way of contributing a different vision of the environment. Artists were invited aboard as observers during the scientific expeditions, and recounted their experiences through photos, videos, texts, or illustrations.

Ellie Ga : photos and collages inspired by the Tara Arctic Expedition, 2007-2008.
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Combining narrative genres such as the memoir and travelogue, Ellie Gaʼs projects explore the limits of photographic documentation and span a variety of media, culminating in performances and installations. Her work probes the distinctions between documentary and fiction, private and public histories, writing and visual inscriptions, and the still and moving image.

Ellie Ga’s projects are research intensive and often center on the artist’s role as interpreter within historical and scientific frameworks. During a residency at the New York’s Explorers Club, Ga developed Catalogue of the Lost (and other revelations) a series of installations and narratives focused on the missing pieces of 19th century Arctic exploration: lost places, people and geographic concepts. Fascinated with past explorers’ successes and failures to document ‘the unknown’, Ga set out to catalogue and archive the Arctic world by being the sole artist to join the scientific crew of the Tara for her Arctic expedition.