Energy management


1 December 2006

Nicolas, our first engineer, is a key person for the success of our mission.

Even though our two main engines are now in hibernation mode until 2008, he is kept busy with energy management on board including the operation and maintenance of two generators, keeping our heating system running, managing fuel consummation and other general engineering. In the harsh conditions of an Arctic winter, this job is challenging to say the least. “For me my biggest concern is if we have a problem with both generators at the same time. This is not likely, however it would have severe consequences for our level of comfort, says Nico”. We have already experienced some problems with a circulation pump for the central heating. As a result we spent short periods without our main heating operational. Even though we had our back-up diesel heater, this temporary lack of warmth in cabins had a big effect on moral and energy levels. When he is not looking after our every need on board, Nico has taken to knitting with enthusiasm, a reassuring back-up if we have further heating problems!