7 December 2013

December 16, 2013 to January 10, 2014 , Monday to Saturday, 10am-7pm
At agnès b. 17 rue Dieu, 75010 Paris, metro République
- Free entrance

On the occasion of Tara Expeditions’ 10th anniversary, the artists who embarked during the scientific expeditions aboard Tara are exhibiting their work at the agnès b. headquarters in Paris, from December 16, 2013 to January 10, 2014. In chronological order onboard Tara :

Ariane Michel. Pierre Huyghe. Xavier Veilhan. Sebastião Salgado. Loulou Picasso. Laurent Ballesta. Francis Latreille. François Bernard. Ellie Ga. Vincent Hilaire. Rémi Hamoir. Benjamin Flao. Julien Girardot. Guillaume Bounaud. Aurore de la Morinerie. Mara Haseltine. Giuseppe Zevola. François Aurat. Christian Sardet. Mattias Ormestad. Cedric Guigand.  Alex Dolan. Ho Rui An.

Invited by Agnès Troublé and Etienne Bourgois, the artists had carte blanche to chronicle their experiences on board during voyages in the Arctic, Antarctica, Patagonia, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Galapagos Islands. For Tara Expeditions, the presence of artists on board is an essential way to promote environmental awareness to a wider audience.

Ten years ago, with the leadership of Etienne Bourgois and support from Agnès Troublé, the Tara Expeditions project was conceived to increase our knowledge about the oceans, and encourage their preservation. Over the past decade, 6 short campaigns of several months each were conducted (between 2004 and 2006) from Greenland to Antarctica, before the launch of 3 exceptional missions: Tara Arctic (2006-2008), Tara Oceans (2009-2012) and Tara Oceans Polar Circle (2013) devoted to climate and marine biodiversity. In the tradition of 19th century expeditions, scientists and artists converged aboard Tara to share the same experience.

agnès b. — patron and collector for 30 years — supports artists through the Galerie du Jour in Paris; her personal art collection; the gallery shop at 50 Howard St. in New York; the gallery bookshop in Hong Kong; and the “Point d’ironie”, a free newspaper conceived in collaboration with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the artist Christian Boltanski.


The artists and exhibited works

- Ariane Michel : Greenland Expedition 2004
Video: On Earth, 13 min, 2005
On a wild shore, in quiet so absolute that water ripples like oil, deep breathing resounds. Out of time, far from the mundane world, a sleeping walrus appears old as stone, barely disturbed by an intruder’s approach.

- Pierre Huyghe : Antarctic Expedition 2005
Video: A Journey that Wasn’t, 25 min
Courtesy of the Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
Navigating between fact and fiction, Huyghe’s artistic practice is based on the idea that because reality is so incredible,“it must be turned into fiction in order to tell the truth.”
Huyghe merges 2 events he initiated: an expedition to Antarctica to find an albino creature, rumored to exist on an unknown polar island that emerged during the retreat of the ice; and a reconstruction of the expedition in the form of a concert and complex light show that took place in Central Park in October, 2005. It’s simultaneously a documentary about nature, a science fiction movie and a musical. The cinematic experience is somewhere between exploring a sublime landscape and an orchestrated show — leaving us to decide what to believe. As the title suggests, perhaps the journey never occurred.

- Xavier Veilhan : Antarctic Expedition 2005
Book: Voyage en Antarctique
Xavier Veilhan came aboard Tara with Pierre Huyghe in 2005 with lots of ideas, but no concrete intention, no clear plan for the type of art that would emerge from this amazing expedition. He took more than 1,000 photographs, then published this rare book, tracing a unique adventure.

- Sebastião Salgado : Antarctic Expedition 2005
Photos from the Genesis exhibition: Antarctic Peninsula, Drake Passage, Deception Island.
Sebastião Salgado traveled the world for 8 years, photographing people and nature untouched by civilization. In 2005, he voyaged in Antarctica aboard Tara, taking photos that became“The South Edge” chapter of his major exhibition Genesis, an hommage to the fragility of our planet, currently exhibited and published worldwide.

- Loulou Picasso: Expedition in South Georgia, 2005.
Paintings: Voyage to South Georgia

- Laurent Ballesta : Patagonia Expedition 2006
Photos: Cape Horn

- Francis Latreille : Tara Arctic Expedition 2007
Photos: Arctic
Polar specialist and photographer, he sailed several times aboard Tara to the Antarctic and during the Tara Arctic and Tara Oceans expeditions, capturing his vision of the poles.

- François Bernard : Tara Arctic Expedition 2006
Photos: Settled in the ice, After wintering in the Arctic
Polar specialist and mountain guide, François Bernard is also a photographer very familiar with the polar regions, having traveled there extensively for over 20 years.

- Ellie Ga : Tara Arctic Expedition 2008
Photos: Fissures. Tara Collection Fund
Fascinated by the successes and failures of past explorers in their documentation of the “unknown”, Ellie Ga began cataloging and archiving the Arctic world. She boarded Tara for the Arctic expedition in 2008. Mixing narrative genres — memoirs and travel journal — the artist pushes the limits of photographic documentation and uses different media in her performances and installations. Her work explores the distinctions between documentary and fiction, public and private stories, writing and visual inscriptions, still and animated images.

Cards: Reading the Deck of Tara
With a deck of cards made ​​from images of her trip to the Arctic, Ellie Ga highlights our relationship with the uncertain. After drawing a card, the viewer shares an experience in which the immediate future depends on weather forecasts.

Videos: A Hole to See the Ocean Through, Probabilities, At the Beginning North Was Here
These videos plunge the viewer into the intricacies of richly varied research, oscillating between documentary and fiction, archival and ephemeral, reality and prediction. The boat’s engine, the creaking of breaking ice, and the infernal tick-tocking of a clock are the sounds accompanying each story.

- Vincent Hilaire: Tara Arctic Expedition 2008
Photo: The whale
Journalist-correspondant aboard Tara, Vincent Hilaire’s photographic eye and his passion for black and white photography accompanied the Tara Arctic and Tara Oceans expeditions for several months.

- Rémi Hamoir : Tara Oceans Expedition 2009
Watercolours: The Greek Islands, a Greek island, Tara at dock, Navigation
Artist-painter, Remi embarked on a short and intense voyage in the Mediterranean, from Dubrovnik to Athens. Good weather conditions allowed him to paint at different times of day, to capture variations of light and atmosphere where the boat itself is sometimes the object.

- Benjamin Flao : Tara Oceans Expedition 2010
Travel diaries and drawings
Illustrator, Benjamin Flao boarded Tara in the Indian Ocean during the Tara Oceans expedition to make a travel journal.

- Julien Girardot : Tara Oceans Expedition 2010
Photo: The bloom
Tara surfing on a plankton bloom* in the Arabian Sea (*a rapid proliferation of micro-plankton).

- Guillaume Bounaud : Tara Oceans Expedition 2010
Photo: Das Boat noze
Guillaume is a photographer on film sets and makes ​​portraits of actors. He boarded Tara in 2010 in Argentina during the Tara Oceans Expedition between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.

- Aurore de La Morinerie : Tara Oceans Expedition 2011
Salpe, Estampe: digital prints of monotypes on Japanese paper, 2013
Aboard Tara in May 2011 between the Galapagos and Ecuador as a guest artist, Aurore’s  research is oriented towards abstraction, giving infinite forms to the depths.

- Mara G. Haseltine : Tara Oceans Expedition 2011
Sculpture: Coccolithophore
Her passion for natural sciences is evident in the sculptures of Mara G. Haseltine. Even the most abstract forms are actually ​​enlargements of microscopic images, or are inspired by amino acid sequences.

- Giuseppe Zevola : Tara Oceans Expedition 2012
Digital photos on photographic film: Tara.

- François Aurat : Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition 2013
Photo: Polar Circle
Deck officer and passionate photographer, François spent many months aboard Tara since 2009 and gives us his view of the expeditions.

- Collective of photographers (Christian Sardet, Cédric Guigand and Mattias Ormestad): Tara Oceans Expedition 2009-2012
Photos of plankton: Photographing the invisible
Christian Sardet is director of research at the CNRS and author of numerous scientific publications. As co-founder and coordinator of Tara Oceans expedition dedicated to the global study of plankton, he initiated the project “Plankton Chronicles” that combines art and science to share the beauty and diversity of plankton.
Cédric Guigand is a biologist and oceanographer at the University of Miami. His main interest lies in the development of new imaging systems to study the distribution of marine plankton and their behavior.
Mattias Ormestad is a photographer and scientist. In 2009, he collaborated with Tara Expeditions on various legs of the Tara Oceans expedition.

- Alex Dolan : Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition 2013
TARA 1 (scopolamine and ropes)
Alex Dolan, artist (b. 1990, USA ) is based in Portland, Oregon. His work uses a variety of media to express the influence of contemporary tension factors, for example, global warming, technology or the internet. He was selected to board Tara by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets for 89plus.

- Ho Rui An : Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition 2013
Ho Rui An (b. 1990, Singapore) is an artist and writer who works at the intersection of various fields: contemporary art, cinema, philosophy, and fiction writing. He sees himself as a researcher and an “intermediary in the social, cultural and institutional lives of aesthetic things.” He was selected to board Tara by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets for 89plus.