First day of autumn


22 September 2006

Wind: S, 25 knots
Sea Ice: Broken pack, some open pools
Visibility: Average, poor when snowing
Daylight hours: 0500 – 1800hrs
Cloud Cover: 8/8
Air Temperature: 0?C
Water Temperature: -1?C

Yesterday we got to see another side of the Arctic icescape, the sun casting subtle shadows on the jumble of small pressure ridges and hummocks around the boat.
We made good use of the favorable weather window, de-icing the rigging with Herve and continuing the big job of arranging material on the deck. However, as we are quickly leaning the sun is never long lived. Today with the arrival of the first day of autumn we returned to a weather pattern we have become more familiar with, grey sky, occasional snow and wind from the south. With these winds our progress has been steadily north this week, making 6 miles in the right direction during the last 24 hours. Joining us for the day were a pair of Ivory Gulls.