Full Moon


7 November 2006

We have once again started to drift slowly to the north after a few days in reverse. The weather has remained clear and calm this week, with a stunning full moon passing last Sunday giving a magical ambience outside as the ice glowed and ice crystals danced in the moon light. Observing this seemingly fragile scene around us, we appreciate the extraordinary beauty of our planet, and realise more than ever the increasing importance of concerted efforts towards addressing pressing global environmental issues such as climate change.

We are now waiting for the passage of the moon before we consider reinstalling scientific material on the ice as we are seeing a strong relationship between the phase of the moon and ice movement. During this period we are still keeping very busy with other work on board (always problems with the water, heating and toilet) and have installed a rowing machine in the aft hold. Although a bit cold at times starting off, this exercise is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Like Nansen and his crew, we also walk laps of the boat from time to time to time to stretch the legs, however at -25?C the air is not the easiest to swallow.