Goodbye Boston ! Goodbye America !

© Céline Bellanger / Tara Expeditions Foundation

5 October 2018

Tara left the USA today after a week-long stopover in Boston. Immersed in the dynamic intellectual life of Harvard University, the Taranauts took part in numerous exchanges and presented the scientific projects in progress. Moored at the docks of the most European of American cities, the crew also took advantage of this last stopover to gradually adapt to a colder climate before the big return to France.

 School children visiting the schooner © Céline Bellanger – Tara Expeditions Foundation

After several months in the tropics, this last stopover on the American continent gave the Taranauts a chance to re-adapt to a climate similar to Brittany’s! Thunderstorms, drizzle, fog and rain. We had to take out raincoats and sweatshirts stored at the bottom of our bags! But the inclement weather did not discourage the young Bostonians, who were excited to visit Tara and learn more about the fascinating life of corals.

The schooner was moored close to one of the oldest historic centers in the US, so the Taranauts also reconnected culturally. Victorian architecture reminiscent of the United Kingdom, Irish and Italian neighborhoods — the stopover in Boston created a smooth transition to Europe. What’s more, the French language took over on deck and in the main cabin during visits attended by many French speakers, including representatives of the French Consulate.

Visit of the French consul in Boston © Céline Bellanger – Tara Expeditions Foundation

This last stop was also an immersion in the heart of the intellectual life of the most famous American university: Harvard! Cell biologist Eric Karsenti presented his research on embryogenesis and talked about the Tara Oceans expedition (2009-2013) of which he was the scientific director. As part of these exchanges, the Taranauts took part in discussions on themes such as scientific and human adventure, exploration, and transmission of knowledge.

Eric Karsenti’s lecture at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study (Harvard University) © Céline Bellanger – Tara Expeditions Foundation

We began stocking up on fuel (bunkering) and supplies as the threat of hurricane Leslie faded away. Departure time is approaching and Tara is ready for the big return!

Céline Bellanger

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