Herve : specialist of the winch


13 December 2006

Herve Bourmaud, 35 years old, has spent a lifetime at sea and is the most experienced sailor amongst our team.

Even when he is ashore he is never too far from the water, living on the small island of I’lle d’Yeu on the Atlantic coast of France. Initially taking to the sea on fishing trips with his father at the age of six, he subsequently competed on the French national regatta circuit, has completed many delivery voyages throughout the Atlantic and most recently worked as a fishing captain based out of the port of Saint Jean de Luz.

“Our present navigation is not really a normal voyage, it is more like a job ashore, although we walk on water!” says Herve.

Due to his fishing experience Herve is the specialist of the winch used to make the oceanographic soundings.

Although we are ‘fishing’ for scientific data, Herve explains, “I
have as much pleasure completing a CTD sounding or recovering water samples from the depths. Although the results are not immediate, I hope that once analysed, this information will help to advance scientific knowledge in the Arctic.”

Herve is also the dog handler on board. After three months with Tiksi and Zargrey he now understands our two companions very well, “Their adaptation to the cold is amazing, they are very intelligent and understand the dangers on the ice”.