Imminent departure


26 August 2006

Yesterday, Etienne arrived after a long long trip through Moscow and Yakutsk. Without air tickets the day of departure, he’d been obliged to buy two seats already sold, one for him and one for Zaghrey : our first dog a pure Yakutian Huski.
He had been immediately adopted by the crew, he is beautiful and looks very clever, I mean the dog obviously,
Hervé made him a shelter when he knew he was coming, and he enjoyed his first french meal thanks to Royal Canin.
This was a good opportunity to drink and enjoy vodka, russian caviar and chocolatae cake.

We are still working on these never ending supply list and on the very last preparation of Tara before the ‘icing’.
This process will have to be done in the best conditions as it will determine the life aboard, work efficiency and safety for the months to come.

Nearly there, we are deeply looking forward to this phase !