In an easterly direction


21 September 2006

Position: Drifting, 80?45’N, 145?17’E
Wind: SW, 15 knots
Sea Ice: Consolidated pack ice, some open water
Visibility: Average
Daylight hours: 0500 – 2000hr
Cloud Cover: 8/8
Air Temperature: 0°C
Water Temperature: -1°C

 Another day has passed on Tara with a grey sky overhead. ‘High’ temperatures and high humidity have resulted in the formation of a layer of rime ice on the rigging. The ice around the boat is broken and too thin to walk on any distance. Last night a large lead opened up behind us leaving a lake which has persisted throughout the day. We continue to drift slowly at about 0.2 knots in an easterly direction (370 meters/hour). By comparison, on 20 September 1893, Nansen with his Fram, was at 77?44 N. During this period his course was to the south.
We continue to prepare Tara for the winter, removing halyards, pulleys, sheets and other items not required on the deck. Apart from our two dogs on board and a solo bird we have not seen any other animals in the last few days.