In the wake of Sir Peter


6 December 2006

Good water, good life. This phrase of Sir Peter Blake’s communicates in a nutshell the philosophy of environmental awareness. Before his tragic loss on the shores of the Amazon River 5 years ago, 6th Dec 2001, he had embarked on an ambitious programme of expeditions, to draw attention to global environmental issues. After sailing to Antarctica and mounting the Amazon with Seamaster, he was planning to sail to the Arctic to continue his campaign. Although we now navigate under a new name, Sir Peter’s philosophies are always with us on board Tara. We hope that our work in some way achieves some of his original objectives.

Each one of us on board is fulfilling a dream in sailing to the Arctic, drifting through the polar night and participating in an important environmental research programme. As we sit down tonight at the end of yet another challenging but rewarding day, we will be thinking of Sir Peter, who was the catalyst for our adventure and the inspiration for so many to follow their dreams.