Inspection from the bottom


28 December 2007

Inspection from the bottom

After having been submitted to the pack ice assaults due to strong winds, the weather has calmed down and there is a beautiful full moon.

A welcome rest in order to assess the ice hull’s evolution that has been under Tara for more than a year.
The team is well trained for this. In less than an hour, the pit is open, a spot light brings lights into the zone, the team that manages the divers’ safety at the surface is ready and the dive begins.
Despite the night, the sea is always very clear. Nice surprise, we can admire the whole of Tara’s hull. The nspection can begin.
As we had noticed during our last dive, the propeller on the portside and its shaft are in a good state.
On the starboard side, however, the propeller seems to have been spared but the surrounding protecting shaft is distorted.
The rudder holes are filled with ice pieces that stick together but can be moved about.  Even if a little compact ice remains on the portside inside the well
If weather allows for it, we plan to dive again tomorrow.

Samuel Audrain