It’s almost Spring

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20 March 2015

Three days before her launching in Lorient, the spring equinox, and “the tide of the century,” Tara is enjoying the sunrise before the eclipse.

On board, the last details are being fine-tuned for the target date. Daniel Cron and Loïc Caudan are at the machines, Christophe is setting the last screws, Nicolas Delabrosse and Matthieu Oriot are reassembling winches and preparing the bridge, Jean Collet is supervising the crane and boat slip. Everything is managed with calm and good humor under the watchful eye of the captain, Samuel Audrain.

During these three months of dry dock, a real group of friends has formed. Some knew each other from previous expeditions, but new arrivals have joined the mix. Everyone is working towards the same goal and everything is going smoothly. A strange coincidence happened this morning. While listening to France Inter radio, we heard our sponsor agnès b. talking about springtime. For her, springtime is eternal. She admits that she goes around humming all the time. On board it’s like that, too.

Tara has been rejuvenated, and everyone feels they’ve done something good for the boat.

Loïc and Daniel accomplished an immense job of disassembling and reassembing the starboard engine. On paper it only takes one sentence but you have to imagine the patience and diligence they applied, a guaranteed success!

Christophe the magician reconverted the former dry lab into a cabin, and following Samuel Audrain’s plans, recreated a new dry lab in place of the small workspace. Amazing job! Besides that, he redid the insulation of the access hatches to the engines in the main cabin, and even Jean donned his blue overalls to help. Such is the tight-knit friendship of this group!!

Matthew and Nicolas re-installed the propeller cowlings and in anticipation of the annual safety inspection,  delved into a complete inventory of safety equipment, pharmaceuticals, maps and mandatory technical documents.

Louis Wilmotte piloted the electrical interventions, changed inverters, electrical panels and, eagerly awaited by all, began the installation of LEDs! Let there be light!

As for Samuel, he plays contortionist and orchestra conductor, juggling telephone and email, giving a helping hand to the others whenever he can, guiding external interventions, aided by Jean, the technical director of the construction site, who by the way regularly brings us great home-roasted  coffee.

All is well on board and we’re eager to get back to sea !!

Nicolas Bin

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