New departure, new team


16 November 2013

After a short week in the Port of Quebec, Tara is heading for Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Four days of navigation ahead, including 2 days sailing down the immense St. Lawrence River: enough time for the new team to get acquainted.

The Quebec stopover ended Saturday morning, when we departed at dawn to take advantage of the St. Lawrence river’s powerful tide. After 6 days in Quebec, the boat suddenly found some peace and quiet again. Between the many visits of journalists, school kids and scientists, Tara was immersed in an almost constant tumult, and newcomers on board sometimes got a bit lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, as soon as we departed, everybody could calmly discover the boat and their traveling companions.

Of the present team, only Martin (the captain), Daniel (chief engineer), and Baptiste (first mate) were already on board when Tara arrived in Quebec waters. The 11 other passengers coming from Greenland, disembarked in Quebec. So, this Saturday morning, Tara counted many new faces among her guests. This is a first embarkment for Patrick (one of the expedition’s coordinators) and for Marc – 2 researchers at the Genoscope-CEA. Also for the first time on board, Fabien, the oceanographic engineer from Brittany.

Another scientist, Christian Sardet is aboard Tara again. His name may be familiar to people who have followed the schooner’s adventures in recent years. A coordinator of the expedition, Christian is the author of the documentary series “Chronicles of Plankton.” A series co-produced by his son Noé, who also embarked in Quebec. He will be doing watercolors and video.

Other artists on board are Rui An, and Alex from the collective 89+. They will recount their experiences aboard Tara via photos, videos, and other media. Needless to say, when we cast off, the deck was covered with various cameras and video recorders, including those of Dino Di Meo, another well-known name aboard Tara. He is co-author of “Tara Oceans: Chroniques d’une expédition scientifique”. As a journalist, he knows Tara intimately, but this is the first time he is voyaging aboard.

As for the sailors, Nico has been a regular on the schooner for nearly 10 years. He will be aboard until Lorient as deck officer. Finally, Dominique handed over the cook’s apron to Nadège who is ready to fill the bellies of all these people. The new crew has had very little time to get to know each other, but we expect that during the next 4 days at sea, until our stopover at Saint Pierre and Miquelon, bonds will quickly be established between the boat and the newcomers on board.

Yann Chavance