One of Gamet’s acivity


12 January 2007

Date: 11th January 2007, 128th day of drift. 
Log: 76
Position: 83˚81’N, 140˚89’E
Course and Speed: NW, 0.2 knots
Wind: SW, 12 knots
Sea Ice: Stable
Visibility: Good, clear sky
Moon: Not visible
Air Temperature: -25˚C
Water Temperature: -1.7˚C

At the start of the drift Gamet arrived onboard Tara with a one meter piece of mammoth tusk. In 1999 he took part in an expedition organized by Bernard Buigues, the objective of which was to find ancient mammoth remains. The expedition was successful in finding and extracting an entire animal preserved in the Siberian permafrost, estimated to be approximately 20 000 years old. The beast was spectacularly transported by helicopter entombed in a block of frozen earth weighing 23 tons. Today ‘Jarkov’ rests in a specially built museum that was dug into the frozen permafrost at Khatanga in Northern Siberia, providing scientists a unique opportunity to study this prehistoric wonder. Gamet is now responsible for managing the museum. Bringing with him a section of tusk that was not in perfect condition, this week he has started the age old art of scrimshaw carving. After four busy months he has finally found some time to start this project. At times disappearing in a cloud of dust his activities have sent a strange odor throughout the boat. With our sense of smell heightened in the odorless Arctic, he has continued much to the tolerance of his crewmates. However, all progress came to a halt yesterday when he unfortunately cut his thumb, giving us a few days of reprieve!