Our first “day off”


10 September 2006

Position: Moored in the Arctic ice pack, 80?03’N, 143?44’E
Wind: ENE, 20 knots
Sea Ice: Stable
Visibility: Average
Cloud Cover: Cloudy, 8/8
Air Temperature: -1°C
Water Temperature: -1°C

Today was our first “day off” in a long time! After a hectic week we took the time today to have a sleep in, relax a little bit and take the time to appreciate our back garden, a seemingly unlimited expanse of snow, ice and water. To venture beyond the confines of the boat and camp safely it was necessary today to undertake a firearms training session under the instruction of Denis. With the possibility of polar bears near our camp, rocket flares and rifles must be carried as a precautionary measure. Taking advantage of the settled weather Nico and Denis then went for a short ski to explore a little further a field. Although today was a rest day, we did however continue some small jobs as we are ever aware of the approaching winter. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and new phase in the expedition. Our focus now is to finish all of the essential winter preparation jobs.