Pleasant couple of days


9 October 2006

We have enjoyed a very pleasant couple of days with clear skies, a full moon, low winds and relatively warm temperatures. However, as a result of the increased temperature the ice has started to move again.

This afternoon as the ice opened Zargrey was left stranded on a block a few meters from the boat. To recover him we had to send Herve in a drysuit on the end of a halyard. Apart from this brief piece of action we have been continuing with routine tasks and winter preparations.

As it is the start of the week today, we changed our ‘housekeeping’ jobs on board. In teams of two we rotate through the tasks of cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes and collecting ice for water. This week Denys and Herve are running the restaurant, Bruno and I are the two Cinderella’s keeping things spotless, Matthieu and Victor are on dishes and Nico and Gamet are the icemen.