First stopover for Tara in Japan

© Noëlie Pansiot / Fondation Tara Expéditions

28 February 2017

Since departing last October from Papeete, French Polynesia, the schooner has already traveled nearly 8,500 miles. In her wake, Tara has left Tuamotu, Wallis and Guam and sails towards Japan.

For more than 3 months, the Taranauts will participate in a major awareness campaign in the land of the rising sun. The public will be welcomed on board during 8 stopovers; hundreds of children will discover the secrets of coral reefs and the scientists will meet at a symposium in Tokyo.

This great Japanese stopover is a first for Tara. On reaching Fukuoka, the Taranauts were eager and excited to begin this new chapter of the expedition.



© Noëlie Pansiot / Fondation Tara Expéditions

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