Recover materials


16 September 2006

Position: Moored in the Arctic ice pack, 80?27’N, 141?56’E
Wind: 20 knots
Sea Ice: Small pack with areas of open water
Visibility: Average
Cloud Cover: Cloudy, 8/8
Air Temperature: -6?C
Water Temperature: -1?C

The last couple of days have been very fruitful. After the storm and ice ‘break-up’ we have been working around the clock to recover material. Tonight we
took stock of our findings and the tally was good. With a bit of good luck and an exceptional team we have managed to recover almost all of the scientific equipment, our last find being the seismic sensor, which was drifting on an ice block only slightly larger than the box itself. We also have our tractor safely onboard, making for a strange sight on the deck of a yacht. Shutting down the engines this evening, the crew and Tara are now taking a well earned rest, drifting in consolidated pack ice in the zone of our original camp. Our drift has started again.