Return of a summer crew member on land


20 September 2007

With the end of the summer, rotations have started once again between Longyearbeyen and Tara.

This to renew supplies and change the crew before the polar night. The polar night is expected on the 6th of october. A first rotation took place on Wednesday. A second one is planned for Friday. Interview of a returning summer crew member.
He is Charles Terrin, is 23 years old from Monaco. With the spirit that characterizes his young age, he is at first sight a jolly fellow. Gone on Tara last April, he has come back five months later with very precise first sensations of this polar odyssey. A total discovery.
“The pack ice?” Magnificient, colourful. One often says that there are no colours in the Arctic. That is not true. They are many but all very subtle. Shades of blue, pink and white. Each time different”.
Charles thinks again “But I also discovered new sensations. For instance, silence. I believe it is the first time that I heard silence several times. Looking toward the outdoors from the room where we are talking, he adds “silence is back there” refering to Tara.
Charles then talks about the human aspect. It will also be for him an unforgettable memory. Despite the squabbles, difficult moments, he speaks with pride about how he has succeeded in building relations with the other nine persons with whom he shared daily life on Tara. But also of what was accomplished as a team. What has struck him also is the combination of skills on board. “A quantity of skills, experience and passion out of the ordinary” ” It is people who make this expedition, at sea and on land” he insists.
Off course, there is the cold. For a Monegasque who is not sensitive to the cold, it does require a certain adaptation. “Pack ice, ice, I discovered a hostile environment, but Tara is like a cosy home. We did not lack of anything. And the Mediterranean adds “I was not cold, the temperature never went beyond minus 20°… I had never thought that one day  I would be saying these words!”
Another polar expedition? “I have to take in this adventure and after I must decide if I am really a man of the cold!”

On Friday, the second rotation should take place with Tara. Two new crew members will return from the boat with other memories in their luggage.