Small blocks of ice


19 September 2006

Position: Drifting in the Arctic ice pack, 80?41’N, 143?49’E
Wind: SW, 15 knots
Sea Ice: Consolidated pack ice
Visibility: Average
Daylight hours: 4am – 7pm
Cloud Cover: 8/8
Air Temperature: 0?C
Water Temperature: -1?C

After the action of the past week we have spent the last two days focusing on tidying the deck which is now loaded with all of the material recovered from our camp. We are happy to have found the source of a small leak that has become worse in recent days with the extra weight on the deck. After removing various panels we found a small hole in the case of the centre board. We are now drifting in consolidated pack ice. However, the small blocks are not stable enough to allow us to descend onto the ice. The temperature is close to zero so we must patiently wait until it is colder and the sea refreezes before we can start to work on the ice again.