Stormy weather conditions


26 March 2007

Stormy weather conditions

Stormy weather conditions over the past two days have restricted our activities making outside work almost impossible.

A sudden drop of the barometer gave us a precursory warning that some strong wind was on the way, dropping 50 hpa in a matter of hours and reaching a minimum of 965 hpa, the lowest point on our analog barometer. Since this morning the pressure has started to rise, however the wind remains at around 30 knots transporting snow that is once again burying Tara. The temperature has also been highly variable over the last 48 hours, climbing to a maximum of -8˚C yesterday morning then descending to -23˚C by the evening. Fortunately, the forecast looks good for the week to make a runway on the ice and finish the construction of our ‘scientific village’ that will accommodate the arrival of Etienne Bourgois, Tara management, 20 scientists, journalists during the month of April. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the ice will remain stable and that the forecast will prove to be correct.