Tara Arctic Live, a special link


25 June 2013

Tara Arctic Live, a special link

FranceTV news, France3, Thalassa and Tara Expeditions present the “Tara Arctic Live” website at: www.francetv.fr/tara

A daily breath of fresh air!
Follow the Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition live on the internet. During this scientific and human adventure, 25,000 kilometers around the Arctic Ocean, you can view videos and photos sent daily by the team on board, including sequences from 4 video cameras installed in various places on the sailboat. For more information on the expedition, please click here.

Experience the adventure as if you were there
Through the end of October 2013, you will experience daily life aboard Tara with the team of scientists. You will cross paths with bears, Arctic residents, and some surprise guests. There will be stopovers in Tromsø (Norway), Dudinka (Russia), and Tuktoyaktuk (Canada). You can follow the boat’s course and experience the expedition via 4 webcams placed on the mast, on the bridge, on the rear deck (including the fascinating laboratory where all experiments are controlled) and even a mobile underwater camera. You can also see a daily map of the ice  showing the extent of melting due to climate change, and discover microscope images analyzing Arctic plankton. Experience life on board as if you were there!

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The scientific expedition’s context
This mission contributes to the international effort to study the Arctic ecosystem before a likely climatic change, providing reference data on the ecological status of Arctic waters.   Our presence there will serve to alert politicians and the business community, and increase awareness of the most pressing environmental issues in the Arctic as well as problems faced by the people who inhabit the Arctic Circle. For some, the opening of sea routes, development of navigation and fishing opportunities are economic assets, while for others, they present an ecological risk. Sustainable development in the Arctic is in question.