Tara at Groix Festival


24 August 2009

Tara at the Groix festival

Under the sound of the unfolding anchor chain, Tara lets go her anchor at some short distance from Port Lay on the north coast of Groix Isle, which was for many years the refuge and rigging harbour for tuna sailboats. Some yellowed by time postcards relate the history of those times when it was possible to cross the harbour by stepping from one boat to another. This is where the Groix insular film festival used to be held, whereby through films, discussions embellished with music coming from all the islands in the world, topics on the islands were addressed.

Outside expedition periods, Tara remains a regular customer of this appointment and before starting in its new adventure it was a pleasure to go say “hello��? to our Groix resident friends. For the occasion, a tight rope acrobatic number was carried out by Matthew from the Fratellini circus school. He made several trips on the so-called Moroccan cable connecting the two masts. He went through this style exercise while moored at the Eric Tabarly “Cité de la Voile��? to reduce the movement of the boat, shoot, and project the images on the opening night of the festival.

Despite these moments of relaxation, the work for assembling and testing of the scientific equipment is in full swing. The wet lab on the deck is being completed with various pumps and filters, making this part of the boat even more futuristic.

Next week will also be loaded with work since the first two days will be spent on meetings, which will allow coordinating, but also meeting many of the scientists who will participate in the expedition. We will also make one last point with the crew to define the navigation protocols of this 3-year mission.

We are currently in the loading phase, and already are looming up the problems of available space on board for storage. In despite of the schooner’s 36 meters of length and 10 meters of width and its volumes, we will use every available space for the spare parts equipment both for science and for the smooth running of the boat as well as the one-month supply of provisions of foodstuff for 15 people onboard.
Time passes quickly and we look forward by counting the days that separate us from the start, in a fortnight from now…

Hervé Bourmaud, Tara’s skipper