Tara in the boatyard


15 January 2014

Tara in the boat yard

Tara is still in Lorient, in the boat yard of the Keroman fishing port. We are about half-way through the chantier – time to start putting back in place everything we dismantled. We are on schedule, and all parts of the main motors that were overhauled in the workshop are now being put back in place.

The daggerboards are being sandblasted, and paint will arrive tomorrow morning on the site. We can then put the boards back in place in their refurbished mounts. The hull will be painted as soon as weather permits. The most inaccessible corners of the boat have been cleaned and inspected in order to verify the bilges and guard against corrosion.The thickness of the hull was measured.

All these verifications showed that there’s nothing to worry about. The 25-year old schooner is wearing her age well.All elements that must be inspected by Bureau Veritas (our classification society) have been taken apart and are ready to be verified.

The date scheduled for putting Tara back in the water – January 27 – is fast approaching, and we have to keep up the pace to meet the deadline.

Loic Valette, captain of Tara