Tara is sailing again after several months of renovation.

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5 May 2015

After the public outreach mission in Penerf, Tara headed back to Lorient. On the way, the 2 engines, Brigitte (port-side) and Thérèse (starboard) had a few problems – not surprising after 4 months of renovation. The 1,2-ton giants have been in service nearly 30 years, moving Tara’s 140 tons across the seas of the world.

Brigitte had several worrisome drops in speed, maybe a problem of fuel supply. The first mate Daniel Cron went down to the engine room when Thérèse started showing the same symptoms.

Finally, Brigitte held up until Lorient, thanks to regular purging of the fuel filter to remove the air bubbles responsible for her hiccups.  As for Theresa, more fear than harm. A leak came from a failure of the cooling pump. With the engine shut off, the pump was repaired in time for arrival. Tara sailed calmly through the Lorient channel powered by 2 engines, thanks to the perseverance of the 2 mechanics, Loic and Daniel, who spent most of the journey in the engine room.

Tara must be ready for future missions. This summer, Greenland; next year the Pacific and Southeast Asia. The secret? The crew’s constant work to keep the boat in good shape. Almost daily maintenance is required. After long missions, Tara returns to Lorient, her home port, for a complete overhaul – 4 months this winter (including 2 months in dry dock) were required to verify the fuel tanks, valves, and propeller shaft. The engines were also overhauled: gaskets, pistons, etc. – a necessary step in getting the boat back into optimal form. Considering Tara’s age, efforts are increased, each element of this proud ship is pampered, and all parts showing signs of wear are carefully checked.

This voyage was the opportunity to test repairs and fine-tune certain adjustments. In one month Tara will be totally ready for her next adventures!

Maéva Bardy


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