Tara on the Embiez Island


15 September 2008

Tara on the Embiez Island

Invited by the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, Tara will be on the Embiez Island from the 16th to the 23rd of September to tell story of her Arctic expedition

A photo exhibition that narrates the drift will be shown on the quays from the 17th to the 22nd of September
From the journey up north to Tara’s being caught in the ice to the harrowing polar night to the important scientific campaign in April 2007 up to her release from the ice, this exhibition is a diary of the expedition shown in 39 photos taken by Francis Latreille. In the background, the Arctic Ocean is viewed as one of the most isolated and fragile places on our planet.

The 52 minute movie « Prisonniers volontaires de la banquise » will be screened continuously and free of charge at the Paul Ricard Museum.
Two dogs and eight men, in the middle of the Arctic immensity, shut in the long polar night, experience a scientific expedition but also an adventure where the slightest mistake can be fatal. Paced by Tara’s unusual adventure in the ice, this documentary focuses on the crew’s impressions: their doubts and questions, what they learn in such a hostile environment. It also highlights the crew’s concern regarding the scientific mission and their aim to feel and understand the pack ice messages during this first part of the drift.

Friday 19th of September, conference for the public at Six Fours-les-Plages after the film screening with members of the Tara crew. This question and answer session will be hosted by Patricia Ricard (President of the Paul Ricard Institute) and by Nardo Vicente (scientific manager of the Paul Ricard Institute).

Guided tours of Tara will take place for school children on the afternoons of the 17th, 18th and 19th of September and for the general public on the afternoons of the 20th and 21st of September (2-6 pm).

To reach the Embiez Island in the Var :
12 minute crossing from the fishing port of Brusc-Six Fours les Plages (located 18 km from Toulon and 70 km from Marseille).
The ferry makes frequent crossings during summer from 6 am in the morning to 1 am after night fall.