Tara will be at the submarine base on Monday


16 April 2008

Tara will be at the submarine base on Monday

After being treated, the rudders have been put back into place. Tara is now equipped with her governing apparatus for the propeller’s shafts have also been replaced. Her return into the water initially planned this week has been postponed a few days, which has enabled us to fine tune a few crucial details. On Monday, Tara will join once again the sub marine base of Lorient.

For a few weeks, the deck as well as interior facilities will also be renovated. The welders’ activity is at its peak for it will be more difficult to accomplish this task once the boat is back on the water. The ground tackle has been put away onboard and the anchor put in its place. In the past days, weather conditions have been fair which has enabled us to sand down the deck and to erase numerous marks due to the ice axle blows.

The container coming from the Spitsbergen, Norwegian archipelago that had welcomed Tara after her ice exit has arrived in France so that all the equipment, mostly scientific, can be sorted out and recovered by the different laboratories of the scientific programme Damocles. How strange it is to see this material again after it was used during the past 18 months on the pack ice. The signs of the polar expedition are less and less numerous, a page is being turned, but the adventure is hardly over for Tara with other projects calling.
Communication on the drift is taking different forms. One of the most important one is going to take place this Friday in Paris with the participation of about 800 children with whom we will have exchanges on the expedition in itself and off course on environmental and global warming issues.

Hervé Bourmaud, Tara’s captain