Tara’s renovation

© N.Haentjens/Tara Expéditions

28 November 2014

Just after returning to Lorient after the 7-month Tara Mediterranean expedition, the refurbishing of the boat began. Prior to heading for the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, Tara will take the time to freshen up, with the help of several companies in Lorient.

On Monday afternoon, November 24, the forward hold was emptied of all scientific equipment used during Tara Mediterranean including the freezer and refrigerator where we stored the samples. The 2,300 collected samples have now been sent to laboratories and analyses will begin.

The oceanographic winch (used to drag the bongo net and descend the CTD to a depth of  200m) was removed from the stern hold by a crane. Tidying-up and cleaning of the forward hold was completed on Tuesday afternoon, November 25.

On Wednesday, November 26, we took apart the big table in the dining area and opened the floor to access “Therese,”  the main starboard engine. On Thursday morning, the 27th, the last floor plank was sawn and the dining area and engine room were now one space. Using more hoists we raised the engine 60cm to remove the cylinder head. Today, we’re continuing to dismantle the engine, and starting to tidy up the hardware room. Next week, the engine overhaul will continue unabated. Stay tuned until the end of the renovation work in March 2015!

The shipyard crew: Nicolas De Labrosse, Nils Haëntjens, François Noël and Louis Wilmotte

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