The air-dropping has finally occurred


21 April 2007

The air-dropping has finally occurred

All the pallets have fallen in the right place, the tractor is operating and the runway can be finished so that our DC3 can land as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the evening (a figure of speech as daylight is permanent here), there was heavy snow fall over Tara. Snow that began to swirl hardly one half hour after the parachuting and could have made it impossible had the Iliouchine 76 been late by just one half hour… This snow which prevents any plane now to land should not last. A snow that is unusual at this time of the year, such as the storms that have shaken the boat. A strong anticyclone over Europe and Russia is maintaining the depressions above the Arctic. This phenomenon seems to surprise our scientific friends a bit in this season. For the moment, it prevents us to join the boat. There remains a big week to bring over everybody and accomplish the planned studies.

Eric Biegala