The bear is not far


13 June 2007

The bear is not far

It was with excitement that we discovered polar bear tracks near Tara yesterday. Huge paw prints in the snow indicating signs of life, passing visitors searching for their next meal, seeing but unseen. Undertaking the weekly tour of the seismometer stations, Timo, Jean and I were surprised to see that someone (or something) had already made the round, attempting to download two of the stations, fortunately with no serious damage done.

It is sometimes hard to believe that there are other living creatures in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. We often have the impression of being all alone up here in this polar desert. Disappointed to have missed our first neighbourly encounter of the summer, the night watch is now on high alert. Ironically, Sam, Marion, Audun and Herve were out camping to try and make the first seal observations. However, it was probably them who were unknowingly being observed.