The boat notes

© M.Oriot/Tara Expéditions

8 April 2015

After 3 months in drydock, the boat was reassembled piece by piece by the on-site team and is now afloat. The last bolts must be tightened before April 25, date of our stopover in Pencadenic (Morbihan region of Brittany).

If you’re about to dismantle this… well good luck!

As on every construction site, the sailors have ventured into unexpected corners, raised unexplored trapdoors, discovered forgotten recesses, and have even ventured into the fuel tanks that were degassed for inspection. Behind a wooden plate, a metal part or object, they sometimes found little notes scribbled by their predecessors. Some of the memos caused laughter, others were intriguing. They have fueled discussions, and spurred the imagination of the crew who have become players in a real-life ‘Cluedo’ game… “It was Danou, with a black marker behind the fridge!”

Daniel Cron, aka Danou, chief engineer, has already played the game, as creator but also as a player: “It started several years ago. We discovered notes in some really unlikely places, rarely taken apart. Now it’s our turn to write messages to the attention of those who will find them in the future.” Only writing lingers on.

On a wooden board located somewhere under the main cabin, near the bulkhead that serves as entry, someone wrote, “si tu en es là, c’est que tu vas en baver.” In other words, “the task you are about to do is not easy … so good luck!” On the ballast cover, the sailors found the note “tightened in 2011,” with a GPS location in the Indian Ocean. Behind the refrigerator, Danou and Dominique, the cook, left their own indelible memo. What did they write? Those who have the task of moving the heavy fridge will discover it someday, probably during the next renovation. And they in turn can leave a trace of their passage on board.


Noëlie Pansiot