The CTD soundings


21 November 2006

 Position: 82°39’N, 136°08’E
 Course and Speed: NW, 0.1 knots
 Wind: SE, 10 knots
 Sea Ice: Slight movement
 Visibility: Moderate, cloudy sky
 Phase of moon: New moon
 Air Temperature: -13°C
 Water Temperature: -1.5°C

Since Saturday afternoon we have been racing against the clock. After finishing drilling a new hole behind the boat for the CTD soundings, like a well rehearsed routine the ice began to move once again, ever so slightly, resulting in new fractures around Tara. With the possibility of losing the hole and all of the associated hard work we have been concentrating on making soundings while we still have the opportunity.

Sounding to a depth of 3000m on Sunday we then struck problems on Monday with a pulley that measures the length of the cable, an essential piece of equipment that ensures we don’t hit the bottom. After modifications to the pulley, we got another one away this afternoon. With some luck the ice will rest stable and we can continue with this important activity that forms a crucial part of our research work.