The Estonian National Day


27 June 2007

The Estonian National Day

On the 23rd of June we celebrated the Estonian National Day, the day of their victory in the “Freedom War” and the day they celebrate the arrival of summer.

We woke up to the delightful smell of the brunch. Thanks to a magnificent coordination between Marion and Grant we found on the table bagels, crepes, cake, jam followed closely by the typical bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs (the temperature rise has “forced” us to eat the meat we could not keep frozen; just another good excuse for a little excess!!).

We enjoyed a nice long warm banya that had just been cleaned after using it for drying meat.

We then had a barbecue. A real barbecue, on the ice, next to Tara in order to taste a typical Estonian dish: saslok (pronounced schaslik and spelled with a few more accents). Basically, it is meat marinated in red wine sauce. The only problem was that we had a few ingredients missing so it was a like a Saslok with a French touch.

We ended the evening with a bit of music, gathered around the fire. It was strange eating outside knowing where we are but the most surprised must have been the dogs who shared our dinner table for the first time!