The ice’s evolution under the boat


4 December 2007

The ice’s evolution under the boat

We have gone underwater again last week to film the scientific experiments (CTD/Nansen bottles).
We took advantage of this to make our routine check.

The ice from underneath has been evolving fast these past days. Indeed, despite the temperatures still quite low of winter, our drift toward the south will take us out of the Arctic basin to meet with the Atlantic waters that are warmer.
The portside propeller that we have been watching closely since last summer is completely accessible which enabled me to make it run manually. The propeller’s shaft and protection seem to have been spared by the winter’s harshness.
The propeller on the starboard side which has remained a mystery because of being covered with ice since the beginning of the drift, is beginning to be released. Because of not being able to find a way between the hull and the ice, the diagnosis remains uncertain but the protection appears to be deformed.
The ice keel is still there. Same shape, same draft (8 meters) but its edges are eroding more and more.

Samuel Audrain