The lord of the Arctic


28 September 2006

Position: Drifting, 81°11.7’N, 147°47.4’E
 Course and Speed: ESE, 0.3kts
 Wind: SE, 0 – 5 kts
 Sea Ice: Broken pack with new ice on pools
 Visibility: Excellent
 Sunrise: 0645
 Sunset: 1708
 Cloud Cover: 3/8
 Air Temperature: -7?C
 Water Temperature: -1?C

 Everyday for us is punctuated by an event that makes the moment memorable. Today was particularly special, we had our first encounter with a polar bear, the lord of the Arctic. This afternoon a young bear approached within meters of Tara. With a curious eye and nose held high he seemed intrigued by this strange foreign object in the ice.

Zagreb was soon onto the sent, proving his worth as our polar bear early warning system. However Tiksi, the pup, still has a lot to learn and was more interested in playing with the paparazzi on the deck. After a month with very little sign of other life in this polar desert we are all happy to finally meet one of the locals. However, we are now evermore aware of one of the potential hazards of venturing onto the sea ice.