The polar man


19 December 2006

After many years in the north Gamet has a deep knowledge of the sea ice and is well adapted to the cold.

105th day of drift.
 Position: 83°30’N, 141°00’E
 Course and Speed: N , 0.4 knots
 Wind: S, 25 knots
 Sea Ice: Stable
 Visibility: Poor, blowing snow, cloudy sky
 Moon: Not visible
 Air Temperature: -30°C
 Water Temperature: -1.7°C

 Gamet Agamyrzayev, born in 1962 in Bakou, Azerbaijan (an independent state of the ex USSR since 1990) lives 4 months a year in Saki, a small village in the mountains to the east of Bakou and the rest of the year in Khatanga. Khatanga is a village on the northern Siberian coast of the Laptev Sea. Gamet discovered this remote hide-away during his military service and since he took up permanent residency he has worked in many trades including dock worker and plumber.

 He subsequently met Bernard Buigues, who he has worked with since 1999 as part of the team searching for frozen Mammoth remains in the Siberian tundra. Above all Gamet is a master handyman, transforming any material into useful items, an essential quality here where nothing is thrown away and all is recycled for a second life. After many years in the north he has a deep knowledge of the sea ice and is well adapted to the cold, lasting longer than any of us outside. His most recent realisation was a Banya (Russian sauna), providing us all with some welcome pleasure as the temperature drops into the minus thirties!