The spade and the beast


27 November 2007

Should there be two indissociable friends in the « Land of Arctic » they would be the beast (the storm) and the spade. After a week of reduced activities because of a wind gust, Taranautes are happy to begin their outdoor activities again. The post-storm programme was written ahead of time.  

First, the scientific activities, at the heart of Tara’s vocation, have started again except for the EM 31 (measure of the ice thickness). Then, there is the digging.

Indeed, the wind moves impressive quantities of snow around. In a week, the total hull of Tara, except for the boat’s back has been covered by a gigantic white compact wave. The nose of the schooner barely stuck out from the snow.

This morning as of 9 o’clock, the first diggers, started working to release Tara from her thick white cover. Finally, a single day will not be sufficient and more digging will be necessary tomorrow and after tomorrow to free the hull’s sides.

The spade and the beast have not ended running after each other, even if the weather forecast is calm. In any case, this exercise is beneficial for everybody. We are getting fresh air. The wind, the storm are fun at first but after a while, one gets tired of running in circles inside the boat. Thank goodness, calm weather follows a storm.. Calm weather before the return of the beast and the spades.