The wind generator is up


31 May 2007

The wind generator is up

The wind generator is up and running! It has taken time, skills and experience and as Grant said, “it is the new tree in our garden”.

The first part of the construction was to create a wooden base where the mast would stand and to burry the legs of this base into the ice. We then assembled the mast and the leverage arm and set the stays that would finally hold the mast in place (and up right!!). The way to secure the stays in the ice has probably been the biggest source of discussion in these last days…
Next we assembled the head and blades. This part was not so hard but not straight forward either.
Our biggest problem came when putting the mast up. We thought it was a manual job. What a mistake!! After a few unsuccessful tries, the winch came to our rescue and we finally saw the blades coming to life.