There would be no « Tara Arctic » without technical partners.


2 October 2007

There would be no « Tara Arctic » without technical partners.

Tara’s expedition partners have been chosen carefully and have one common denominator: their products should be tough enough to support the extreme conditions of the cold.

Any sailor, be it a professional or an amateur, knows the brand: Sika. On Tara, the black Sika is nearly used everywhere for its sealant properties. The portholes in the living quarters are made completely water and airtight thanks to Sika. There is enough stock on board that in case of an accidental break of Plexiglas, we would be able to make some wooden makeshift portholes. Sika is a kind of paste that sticks progressively, and then dries plus it doesn’t break in extremely cold temperatures. Sika is so versatile that it was even used for reinforcing the meteorological mast connections. This mast, with its anemometers and temperature captors has to work 24/7 on the ice floe.

Primagaz is another partner of this human and scientific adventure. Cooking plays an important role in life on board. After a few hours spent outside in cold temperatures around -20°C, nice hot dishes cooked on gas warms and fills up body and mind. In addition “the weight of twenty big green bottles does a lot for the stability of the boat,” Hervé, the captain, underlines with humour. He also adds jokingly, “for the next expedition, some handles should be added, like the ones used on the small bottles at home.”

For the ten crew members, one of the major daily activities is cutting ice. Holes in the ice floe are needed for scientific experiments. A hole has to be maintained at the back of the boat to be able, every other day, to send some probes down to 2000m to analyse water layers of the Arctic Ocean. Sometimes the boat needs to be released from a pressure ridge. For all of these ice or sometimes wood activities, the Stihl chainsaw is a precious help. “The Stihl is the knife of the Arctic,” adds Hervé in a sparkling tone.
Last but not least, electronic equipment partners. Thanks to Icom and its VHF, leaving the boat in total confidence and security is possible. The scientific data are collected on Panasonic’s Toughbook. They are shock-resistant and able to stand rough management and extreme cold. Sharing with you the memory of all these beautiful landscapes and meteorological phenomena, is made possible with our two Canon EOS 350Ds. Neither a single day nor a single activity goes by without using these cameras and their different lenses.

Congratulation to all these partners, as their products proved their utility and reliability on board.